Comic Transcript

The entire page is done in the style of a children's comic book - very bright colors, heavy lines, lots of differently colored pastel boxes as panel and text backgrounds.

Narrator: McMoosington checked the chemistry lab...

Close zoom on a series of panels of lab glassware - mostly erlenmeyer flasks and volumetric flasks, but also a set of test tubes. They are all holding colorful liquids and reflecting back distorted images of McMoosington peering at them.

Narrator: ...twice!

Narrator: The first time he only checked the outsides.

Narrator: But the second time he was very thorough.

Sound FX: CRASH!

Narrator: Then he checked lab two...

The bottom of the page is a large amount of wavy water with a snorkel and bubbles coming out of it.

Narrator: But it was still underwater.