Comic Transcript

A starry sky, the full moon shining brightly in a hue of blue. The entire comic is a vertical spread over this.

Brainley: Did you ever stop to wonder how many miles in total are traveled by people at Christmastime? It's got to be in the millions.

Brainley: And that's nothing compared to all those stars so many light-years away.

Brainley: Even that is dwarfed by light traveling 93 million miles to reach us from the sun.

Brainley: When you think about all that light traveling for millions of years just to reach us here tonight, it seems almost selfish to note that these days are shortest out of all the others of the year. We should treasure every photon.

Brainley: I guess what I'm saying is, even light gets trapped at Heathrow during holiday travel sometimes.

Brainley: And I'm sure McMoosington and the Dean will be fine. I mean, they've got some awesome sandwiches there.

As we scroll down, we see that the sky is being projected by a box - there's a light cone showing the edges of the projection. The box appears to be made out of cardboard and is labeled "UNIVERSE INNA BOX". Brainley has been talking to Dobbsey, as they both gaze upwards.