Comic Transcript

A shot of a hallway door. There is smoke coming out of it in huge black wafts. The door is labelled HIGH ENERGY ZOOLOGY LAB.

Sound FX (in the general vicinity of the door): BAM! FOOM! MOP!

Cut to a shot of Dobbsey staring at Brainley and the mess he's surrounded by. There is more smoke here (in fact, it's wafting out into the comic margins) and a bat carrying a small, cartoonish bomb of the round, black variety.

Dobbsey: ...what?

Sound FX (off to the side): BOOM

Brainley: I bought these military-grade bat bombs on EBay, but they're just causing mayhem.

The bat swoops down and drops the bomb over Brainley. Dobbsey stares on in horror.

Brainley: And worst of all, the seller has a no returns policy.


Even more smoke. Brainley is covered in soot except for part of his nose, and his glasses frames are broken with one lens slightly cracked. His mustache is singed to the consistency of steel wool. He also appears to be on fire.

Brainley: Some days you just can't get rid of a bat bomb.