Comic Transcript

We see an exterior shot of one of the university buildings. There is a large name plaque standing in front of it, which reads "BRAIN UNIVERSITY", and above and below it, smaller and in Latin: "cum in dubium experiri malleus".

A large, bright mushroom cloud overtakes the university building.

Sound FX: FOOM

Brainley and Dobbsey are watching at a distance. There is a large cloud of dark smoke approaching them.

Brainley: Wow.

Dobbsey: I'm glad everyone got out okay.

The camera turns to face them in their normal poses. A chunk of debris flies over their heads. The smoke expands.

Dobbsey: Experiment gone awry, I take it?

Brainley: Nope. McMoosington tried to cook a potato in the microwave.

The smoke begins to wane.

Dobbsey: Ah.

Brainley: I'm a little jealous.

Brainley: I always wanted to be the one to blow up the university.

Dobbsey: Well, I'm sure they'll rebuild it eventually.

Brainley: True. I'll just have to try harder next time.

Dobbsey: So, what'll you do in the meantime?

Brainley: I'm thinking I'll hit the road. Vegas, Los Alamos....Tahiti.

The smoke has cleared.

Dobbsey: Tahiti isn't reachable by road.

Brainley: It will be when I'm done with it.

Cut to a shot of McMoosington hanging upside down in front of the cloud of smoke. His tie is charred and tattered.

Brainley: It's been a blast, but the comic is going on hiatus! See you later!

Dobbsey (from offscreen): McMoosington, who are you talking to? Are you sure you don't have a concussion?