Comic Transcript

A news program. A robot with helmet-like hair sits at a desk holding papers. A logo floats in the corner: ROBO NEWS. In another corner, there is an overlaid photograph of Brainley wearing his safari hat standing next to a net, marked FILE PHOTO.

News Anchor: Everyone's talking about the traveler who protested loudly "don't touch my noodle". But what about the government officials behind the brain scans?

News Anchor: Here tonight in an exclusive interview: Director Slugworth.

Cut to a large slug sitting in a chair. You can see the chair through the slug's translucent body. The news anchor's image is overlaid in a tiny corner box, while the bottom scroller bar scrolls the text "DIRECTOR SLUGWORTH - PROMINENT SLIMEBAG."

News Anchor: Director, what do you say to the people who say you've gone too far?

Slugworth: Quit your whining. I've been scanned. It's no big deal.

News Anchor: But you're already transparent. The scans have no effect on you.

Slugworth: So?

A large sack of money (marked $) and a crown now float inside of Slugworth.

News Anchor: How do you respond to allegations that your colleagues own the companies that make the brain scan machines?

Slugworth: No comment.