Comic Transcript

Outside a door. Over the name plaque “Apt e^pi” there is a sign taped up that reads “Temporary Lab One.”

Brainley (from behind the door): I’ve found it! Ive found it!

Cut to room interior. There is a gray wall in the distance.

Dobbsey: The Higgs boson?

Brainley: What? No. My wallet. It was under the couch cushions.

Brainley: See, it was sitting *next* to the Higg-

Dobbsey: Wait, there’s a couch?

Brainley: Um, yes?

Dobbsey: There’s a COUCH?!?

Brainley: Yes, but, see, it...

Dobbsey: I’ve just been sitting on the floor.

Brainley: I have to admit this is not the punchline I had anticipated.