Comic Transcript

An image of a starry sky, and against it, three bright, shining rocket trajectories. Brainley is standing at the bottom, near a projector.

Narrator: In these dark times, it's important to keep shining bright.

Narrator: We do not do it because we expect anything back.

Narrator: We shine for light's own sake.

Narrator: But it's nice to know that sometimes...

Narrator: If everything lines up just right...

Narrator: That light we sent out into the darkness...

Narrator: Might safely return to us.

Title: SpaceX Falcon 9: 1) Launch, 2) Reentry, and 3) Landing

Zoom out to a pillow fort with a sign hanging in front labeled "SCIENCE FORT".

Dobbsey: Are you sure you don't want to set up the projector out here?

Brainley (from inside the fort): I'm still having trouble with any setting other than "blanket."

Dobbsey: Okay, well, McMoosington is coming over to celebrate the solstice, so you either need to take down the pillow fort now or make it moose-proof.

Brainley: This is why we should have invested in carbon fiber upholstery.